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What is the ITN AES?
The Automated Export System (AES) is a joint venture between Customs and Border Protection, the Foreign Trade Division of the Bureau of the Census (Commerce), the Bureau of Industry and Security (Commerce), the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (State), other Federal agencies, and the export trade community.
What is the purpose of the ITN AES?
Through Electronic Date Interchange (EDI), the above agencies collect and share data relating to US exports. The objective is to ensure compliance with US laws, reduce paperwork, improve statistical collection and streamline exports.
When did the ITN AES require filings for motor vehicle exports between the USA and Canada?
The ITN AES requirement for filing on motor vehicles exporting between the USA and Canada went in to effect on April 5, 2014.
What needs to be done to satisfy the AES filing requirement?
Information on the exporter (USPPI), the consignee, the vehicle being exported, the mode of transportation needs to be transmitted to the ITN AES electronically a minimum of 72hrs before the vehicle exports. This does not replace the 72 hour requirement to file the title with USCBP.
What is an ITN?
This is a unique number issued by the ITN AES once it has accepted and processed the ITN AES filing. This number needs to appear on all export documentation. Ensure you provide USCBP this number when you file your 72hr vehicle export notice with US Customs. This number is your proof that the AES filing has been done.
How can I obtain an ITN?
The ITN AES system is available to any U.S. entity that completes the ITN AES certification program. Once you have registered with the ITN AES and passed their certification test, you are then allowed to apply for an ITN AES Internal Transaction Number (ITN) through their system. Alternatively, you can hire a third party company (such as to file on your behalf.